What is causing a loud banging noise in my dryer

My dryer is making a loud banging noise when it’s running! What could it be?

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What is the model number of the dryer?

Does it make the noise if you turn the drum by hand?

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I had an older dryer that had a long belt that went from the motor pulley all the way around the drum. It started making a banging noise but continued to work. Turned out that the belt had split and a piece that was hanging off of it was slapping against the inside of the dryer. I replaced the belt and no more noise. Worth a look in the back of the dryer.

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Well, here I am yeas later, my first time here too. I have banging from time to time, no all the time and I discovered (unlike tennis shoes inside) it is the actual 'load' the has come unbalanced. Sounds crazy, but it happens to me and, in my case, the load being dried is 'off center'. Usually happens with a bunch of jeans or bedding.

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