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Microphone only recording on one side

Hey ya’ll

I've had this phone for almost 2 years now and its working quite fine.

However in the last few months the microphone started acting up and this is quite troublesome as i make a lot of phone recordings.

Whenever i now make a video or a voice recording the audio only pans to the left ear of any set of earphones/headphones i have. I've tried using different recordings apps but nothing seems to work. Anyone have an idea of what's wrong? Would be a great help :)

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Hi @lvdb00 ,

Does the phone work OK in loudspeaker mode i.e. can you be heard OK when on a call in this mode?

There are 2 microphones in the phone.

One is located at the bottom of the phone and usually is located behind the voice inlet hole on the bottom edge of the phone. Assuming that you can be heard OK when using the phone in the normal manner when calling a number etc this would mean that this microphone is OK.

When on a loudspeaker (hands free?) call the other microphone located at the top of the phone near the earpiece receiver is used. I don’t know your model but check if there are any holes near the receiver that may be clogged preventing the sound getting through to the microphone.

I’m thinking that to get “stereo” recordings both microphones would be utilized.

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Hi, go to setting, search mono audio, switch it on.

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