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Repair and service information related to the ResMed AirSense 10 CPAP machine. Also known as the ResMed Air10.

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My unit is making a loud noise when I breathe in and out

How can I fix the loud noise when breathe in and out?

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@rdb88385 sounds like a pressure related issue. Double check your device to see if it is related to the recent CPAP recall. If so you want to contact the company and get directions from that. If it is not, then I would still suggest that you contact ResMed (or your local DME company as well as your health care provider) and see if they can guide you. You are obviously using/needing it and we all want you to stay well

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Tighten the strap system as it shouldn't make noise and if it starts whistling put a small bottle of water on the door to the water tank. To stop the face farts tie a handkerchief over the gasket so it covers it and the gasket will last YEARS.

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