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Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ35 High-end Digital Camera - Black DMC-FZ35K 31

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How to clean the lens zoom mechanism

My camera is a DMC-FZ38., which looks the same as the FZ35.

After not using it for a while, when I switched it on I got System Error (Zoom). I found advice here to bash the sides of the camera gently while switching it on, and after several attempts, the zoom lens started working normally.

However, this suggests there may be dust in the mechanism, so if I just ignore it, I’m likely to burn out the wires to the stepper motor.

How should I go about cleaning the mechanism?

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Hi @robclack ,

Don’t know the camera but here’s the service manual that may help.

On p.22 it shows how to view the error code history. Using this you can work out if the zoom lens has caused any error codes and what they mean. (see Attribute - Lens, Sub item - Zoom on p.23).

On p.29 there is the dis-assembly flowchart and on p.36 it shows the zoom motor unit.

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Thanks, Jayeff. I couldn't get the instructions to display the error code history to work, but in any case, dismantling the camera looks way beyond my capabilities, not least because it requires a clean environment, which I can't provide.

Assuming any dust came from the front (asking for trouble, I stopped using the lens cap 1,000 years ago after it wore out!) I plan to zoom the lens out to maxiumum then use and air brush to blow on it in the hope of dislodging any dust.

If it jams again, I'll have to decide whether to replace the camera or just stick with my phone.

All the best


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