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Repairs for cell phones designed by Asus.

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Not booting after screen replacement(not a screen or software issue)

This issue appeared after I reassembled the phone after replacing the screen. The screen was tested before installation and the phone had no issues turning on then. The battery is not discharged(tested with multimeter) and is at 4V.

I'm not even sure which part could've been disturbed to cause this, the motherboard was removed before I pried the old screen off and put the new one on. The USB port somehow reacts to the connection and even if I disconnect it the booting issue remains, so it most likely isn't the culprit? During the booting attempt(not really a bootloop) something (processor?) under the EMI shield is heating up, so I can assume that it's trying to do something.

I had set this project aside for 5 months, but I really do want to figure out what is wrong and fix it, even if it is only for the experience. No local repair shops offer support for the ROG series and a new motherboard costs more than a new phone and no schematics for the Asus Rog Phone 3 are available online, so I can only try to increase my own knowledge and dig deeper.

Attempts at turning on can be seen here:

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I haven’t checked it out but here’s a link to the schematics for a ZS661KS that may help.

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You have to get a paid subscription to the website to get these. How trustworthy is this website?

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I don't know.

All you can go on is reviews (example only) and then go with what you feel.

If you do download, save and scan the file with a virus/ malware checker before opening.

Also if possible create and use an email address that you only use specifically for these types of downloads. That way your normal email etc won't be compromised.

Also remove any cookies from your browser afterwards

Basically it is the same with any transaction online. You have to remian security conscious.

You do as much as possible to safeguard yourself by being aware of what information you're prepared to give out and what you need to do afterwards to make sure that your computer or phone etc is safe.

If possible, use services such as Paypal etc that way any financial transaction goes through them and your financial details aren't passed on to the seller

It depends how badly you want to fix the phone and how much of a risk you're prepared to take given that the information is hard to come by

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@jayeff If the risk is worth it, sure. Though, I'm not really sure how to read schematics to even see if they're for my model(the Rog phone 2 has a visually similar mainboard) as this is my 1st project. But I've been unable to find schematics for this model anywhere else, so I'm very suspicious about the legitimacy of this

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Old saying - "if in doubt, don't".

Good luck.

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