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How to hardwire factory f150 amp/subwoofer into another vehicle

I have been given a factory amp/subwoofer unit from a 2006 f150 lariat. Obviously my suburban doesn't have a factory ford head unit, or the wiring harnesses. Is there a way to wire it up to my aftermarket system in my suburban? I'm not familiar with amps, so figured I would try to find someone more knowledgeable about car audio. I know how to wire things and make proper connections (used to upfit vehicles for law enforcement) so I'm not new to car wiring, just not audio.

If I'm not mistaken this is the radio I have in right now:

I see there are 2 additional plugs in the back (red and white) which i think is for an amp. But I do not know how to wire it to this ford factory amp.

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Hi @brandon_k ,

For what it’s worth, here’s the wiring diagram of the audio unit for a 2006 F-150.

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge).

Hopefully it is of some help.

Update (11/22/2021)

Hi @brandon_k

There is useful information in the wiring diagram especially when coupled with the head unit user manual.

It shows the 5 connections needed to make the subwoofer work and where they're connected to on the sub woofer. The head unit user manual shows how to connect a subwoofer to it.

The subwoofer battery and ground connections are on 5 & 2, the audio inputs are on 7 (+ve) and 8 (-ve) and the enable lead (sometimes known as amp on) is on 1. Hopefully they are marked on the subwoofer unit as to what each connection is or at least there is a numbering system.

Assuming that your head unit is a Pioneer MVH-X370BT as linked by you, then here’s an image from the user manual showing what wires/terminals the sub woofer needs to be connected to in the head unit. If this is not the correct model, check what it says on the head unit regarding the model number - you have to remove it anyway to access the harness wires so maybe it is on the back of the unit, and then search online for the correct user manual as usually they have the wiring installation details.

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge)

The battery and ground for the sub woofer need to be a separate feed. I suggest that the battery be fed via an inline fuse, direct from the car’s battery terminal. Ground can be from any suitable clean chassis point. The wiring diagram also shows that the subwoofer requires a 25A fuse.

The subwoofer audio +ve and -ve input connections from the head unit may depend on the subwoofer’s impedance, i.e. whether it is 2Ω or 2 x 4Ω (see image above whether to use connection 18 or 19). Hopefully there is some info on the unit which may tell you.

The enable wire i.e. the blue/white wire from the head unit is #17 on the schematic.

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Oh I'm sure it is. I just need someone to tell me what I'm looking at, who knows car audio. Because I can read it, but i don't know what the components it is showing are. Thank you though. I had found this but what I found wasn't very readable. This is nice and clear.

- de

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