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Only Apple Logo After Replacing Battery

I too can't get the iPhone 3GS to work after replacing the battery.

The install seemed to go well. Once back together only get red battery when plugged into wall, then quickly goes to Apple Logo. New battery charged for over 3 hours with not changed. Does not seem like battery is charging. Apple logo and phone turns off immediately after disconecting from wall charger.

iPhone does nothing if plugged into the computer. Will not charge or turn on, don't see anything on iPhone screen, Is not recognized by iTunes.

One or twice when phone plugged in to wall charger it comes up 'Activation Required'

Disappointing that there are no trouble shooting steps included with the battery changing instructions.

Have read lots of suggestions but no found no definitive answer and solution to problem. Does anyone know what the issue is and how to resolve?

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Phone actually connected to iTunes once and 'activated'. Was able to make a call, text, web, etc... Stopped working after about 1 hour. Now back to same condition. Only gets to Apple Logo and will not reqister when connecting to iTunes.


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put your old battery back in and see what happens. there is a known issue with the 3gs and update to ios 5 which was supposed to have been fixed by ios 5.0.1

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Thanks for the info. Re-installed old battery and phone is working again. So dissapointing to spend so much time on this due to a defective new battery.

I am on ios 5.01. If it's not a defective battery how are you able to change it?


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I'm having the same problem, I have 3GS with iOS 5.01, i put the old battery and all is well again,

So if I understand your answer Pollytintip if I downgrade my phone back to 4.3.* qand put the new battery in, it should work? If yes, if I after that I upgrade back to 5.01 it should be fine?

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After buying a replacement battery, installing it and suffering the same Apple logo flashing problem, I ended up re-installing the old one also. Seems there are many non-compatible batteries out there and lots of mugs like me just sending away my money :-(

Oh well...

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