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Guides and support for devices that play video from Blu-Ray Discs.

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No sound from standard Blu-rays on 4k player

I have a Panasonic 4k Blu-ray player, which works fine when playing 4k Blu-ray's, but when I play normal Blu-rays there is no sound, there is sound on the menu/title page but when the film plays there is no sound. Sound will only play if audio description is selected.

The only other device I have is my BT youview box, no sound bar or anything of the like

Does anyone know how to fix this? Thank you

Update (11/15/2021)

I should also add the sound also works fine with dvd's

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Hi @elizagirl ,

What is the model number of the player?

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Hi @jayeff it's a Panasonic DP-UB320

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Very strange that it has audio problems with blu ray but not dvd or 4K blu ray.

Only difference between 4K blu ray and blu ray is the video resolution, not the audio.

Is the digital audio output set to bitstream or PCM?

Maybe try resetting the player back to factory defaults (see p.36) and check if that resolves the problem.


Check that the latest firmware is installed, just in case it is a software problem.

The latest firmware is Ver. 1.32 (04/02/2019) and states it was for Playability of Blu-ray Disc™, which may be related to the problem you’re having with BluRay discs

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Thank you, I'll give those a try and fingers crossed I get it fixed!

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Thank you, resetting to factory settings seems to have the trick! thank you for your help @jayeff

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This sounds like a audio codex issue. DVD uses MP3 and 4k uses Dolby. Blu-ray can be many types but normally MP3 or Dolby. Now I am guessing here but can you go into sound settings and mess around with the sound output? I think the setting for Blu-ray is set to the wrong thing or even might be outputting to a optical output.

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