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El HP Elitebook Folio 9480m se lanzó el 4 de julio de 2014. El modelo 9480m se puede identificar por el número de modelo J5P80UT.

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Pressing power button turns on keyboard light but nothing else happens

When I press the power button, the keyboard lights will enter some kind of loop, where they turn on and off repeatedly, but nothing else happens, no image on screen, no boot messages or image, nothing.

I tried replacing the battery with a new one, and tried using a different charger, and still have the same issue.

Update (11/14/2021)

A late update: ~1 month after resolving the issue, the laptop started having similar problems again. To solve them, i just removed 1 of the RAM modules. Haven't had any more issues, apart from a defective battery. So it seems the problem was the RAM.

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so, what shall i do?

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Hi @Libanos Ayza,

You asked a question in the "Comments" section.

Ask a more specific question. What have you tried so far? We need details.

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yes i was haing the same problem

later i found i was the ram (left one for me) i simply remove it and magicly the pc has turn on magically thanks for your update

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I have the same problem but my hp laptop battery cannot be removed. What do I do?

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What is the make and model number of the laptop as shown on the product info label on the bottom of the laptop?

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Try a full power refresh and check if that resolves the problem.

Here’s the procedure:

Disconnect the charger from the laptop.

Remove the main battery from the laptop.

Disconnect the RTC coin cell battery from the motherboard.

Here’s the maintenance and service guide for the laptop. Go to p.29 & p.37 to view the necessary pre-requisite steps and then the procedure to remove the main battery and the RTC battery, respectively.

Press and hold the laptop’s Power On button for a full 30 seconds and then release it.

Reconnect the RTC coin cell battery, re-assemble the laptop, re-insert the main battery, connect the charger to the laptop and try to start it.

If it starts, there may be a message about the date and time being incorrect. This is normal as the above procedure has reset the BIOS back to its factory defaults. Once the date and time have been adjusted, the message won't appear the next time the laptop is started. Any user defined BIOS settings that have been altered by you to suit your particular requirements will need to be changed back also.

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It still does the same, only now I didn't have to press any button, just reassembled the laptop and the keyboard started to flash repeatedly again.

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Just tested, and it does the same thing when i connect only the charger, and not the RTC or the battery

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I already solved the problem, but didn't get any message.

Anyways, thanks for your help! ?

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How do you solve the problem? I am on the same problem.

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Me too. Keyboard and Three diods on the front flashes Every five seconds. A fourth diod flashes tight After the others Three also every five Seconds . Skick flashes.

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This is how I ended up solving the issue:I changed the order of the 2x8 ram modules after following the steps @jayeff mentioned, then it booted up normally. Also, after resetting the RTC battery, i waited for a while (~10-15 min) before doing the ram change.

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One thing to try for the future is with both the laptop battery and RTC battery aka (CMOS battery) disconnected, press and hold the power button for a few seconds. This will discharge the capictors on the motherboard and fully clear the CMOS (which stores the BIOS settings).

The RAM change probably did a memory re-train which can solve issues sometimes.

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Hi @nybblelynx,

More likely just the reinserting of the RAM did it. In 35 years of computer repair I have never heard of "re-training" memory. Just curious. Do you have a reference for this?

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just had the same problem.

changing the ram and slots solved the problem!

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