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The Star Wars T-65 X-Wing Drone was part of the collection inspired by the Star Wars series produced by Propel. There are two other Drones in the collection, but this page focuses on the T-65 X-Wing.

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Why is the display case not charging correctly?

I went to unbox my drone to show someone the lights and sounds the display makes but the battery must have been dead cause nothing happened. Then when I plugged it in to charge it starts flashing a playing less than a second of sound and constantly doing that but won't act normally as it always did. Any help? Thanks

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since you left the batteries in it you may have acid powder that got on the wires. you will need to take ir apart and clean it with baking soda water and a qtip. look at the wire connecting the battery holder. if they are corroded than you need to unsolder and clean than reattach.

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