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Can I fix a shaking image on my C434T Asus Chromebook?

My chromebook screen image began shaking. Everything else seems to be working. I tried powerwashing it as was suggested in my research but that didn’t work. Is there something else I can do?

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What is power washing?

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Hi @jayeff

Thanks so more marketing word change game.

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Hi @lunapuna,

Try connecting an external monitor (TV?) to one of the laptop's USB-C ports (USB-C to HDMI converter) and check if the display is steady or not.

If the external display is OK it may be a laptop LCD panel problem or a video cable problem.

Try gently moving the lid slowly back and forth to a position where it doesn't occur. If the shaking stops it may be a damaged video cable or just a loose connection, either on the motherboard or the display

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