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La panificadora eléctrica Oster Expressbake CKSTBRTW20 fue lanzada en el 2009 y tiene una capacidad para hacer aproximadamente 1 kilo de pan en menos de una hora utilizando la función Expressbake.

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Device has stopped mixing.

Hello! I recently picked this up at a thrift shop since I have always wanted to try one. I’ve used it 7 or 8 times and the last couple times the paddle would stop spinning to mix the ingredients. I thought it was due to gunk on the paddle or the inner container wasn’t inserted properly. This last time it mixed maybe two times and then would have an audible “click” sound instead of turning the paddle. Does anyone know how to fix the motor or attachment?

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Andra Hutton could be the motor as well as the electronics. Let’s see what it looks like I suggest you start by disassembling it using something like this guide Oster Expressbake CKSTBRTW20 Inner Chamber Replacement

Make sure that mechanically it all looks okay. You can always post some of your devices images, with your QUESTION, while you do the work. that way we can see what you see and possibly assist you further. Let us know if you find some oddities etc. Agregar imágenes a una pregunta existente

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2 - 5 minutes

Imagen de Oster Expressbake CKSTBRTW20 Inner Chamber


Oster Expressbake CKSTBRTW20 Inner Chamber Replacement



20 minutes

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