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Kenwood FM stereo receiver Model Eleven III. This stereo is from the 1970s.

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Dimmer switch not working?

How to fix dimmer switch on Kenwood model eleven III

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fogdog57 what happens when you try and use it. Does not work at all? Intermittent? Any change when you wiggle it? It does have a display (you know the bulbs are good)? You have more identifier on the receiver. Is it a KR-10000/7600/9400/9600/9050 etc.?

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Here’s a composite image taken from the service manual showing the dimmer switch circuit.

Looking at the circuit the switch at normal bypasses the 1Ω 7W resistor in the power supply path to the lamps (see red arrow line) and when operated inserts the resistor into the circuit (see green dotted line).

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge)

Unfortunately the parts list doesn’t have the switch part number only the board number (X13-2190-10) where the switch is located.

If the switch is faulty and not say the resistor etc then search for a suitable DPDT switch (double pole, double throw). The voltage supply for the lamps is only 7.5V DC and the power rating for the resistor (7W) indicates that the current is about 1A. Search for a switch that has these specifications as a minimum e.g. 2A DPDT locking switch.

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