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Del modelo 5558 de la serie 15 de Inspiron lanzado en 2015 por Dell. Un portátil de nivel medio con una pantalla de 15,6 pulgadas y un procesador Intel de quinta generación.

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The HS code of the tools that I need to repair my laptop

I have a old Dell Inspiron 15-5558 that I got from my grandpa. I entered the Service Tag number to the Dell support Web page. From there, I found the repair manual for this laptop.

I am going to do a camera Replacement and a RAM upgrade.

For my specific repair, the manual says I will need a screwdriver (#0 something) and a plastic spudger. I can secure myself a screwdriver but I need an spudger.

Service Manual from Dell:

So I am thinking to buy a Ifixit spudger.

So if any of you wonderful Ifixers can find the HS code of the spudger, I would be grateful…

Wondering what is a HS code?

US hs code database

Imagen de Spudger




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Hi @thesimpleguy

I assume that since you will be buying just the one spudger I don't think that you have to worry about it.

There are 6 ifixit stores around the world so maybe try one closest to your location if you're worried about customs duty and shipping etc.

Here’s a link if you’re interested in what HS codes are for and who uses them etc.

Alternatively ask here. This will get the attention of the ifixit admin

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In my country the economy is in a bad state. The customs will try to detain something to save dollars. So if they classified this thing as something more valuable than the HS code of a spudger and added a higher HS code I am screwed.

and our customs is not like the US CBP, they are kinda foolish. If they tagged this with a HS code of something like:

1. jeweler's tool

2. a tool made of "special" material,

they are gonna put a behemoth of taxes so please find me the HS code.

I used an aiutomatic classification tool called "" offered by and I typed prybar(not necesarilly a spudger) and filled the options(composition, end use) and got 8205.59.00.

But I am skeptical that there would be and another HS code for something that a "spudger thing" like: used repair computers.

2.opening tools.

So I would be very much grateful!!!

- de


Oh and the

"Wondering what is a HS code?"

part was not "me" wondering, it is a link to help answerers like you.


- de


I just used old credit cards and the like to open cases. Screw drivers are very common so you should be able to buy them locally.

- de

@mike for the sake of official-atity I like to use the parts mentioned by the Dell guide.

- de

@aactech I like to use the official tools reccomended by the dell guide. and possesion of a spudger is great. like FBI don't catch me if I had one...


- de

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