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My C523 Will Not Charge

My C523 Will not charge from either USB-C ports. The charger is good as it works on my wifes chromebook. I opened it up and everything looks to be connected properly. Any ideas?

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I have the same model with same issue. Both ports won’t light up and can’t even turn on. Is there a way just to change the charging port?

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I ended up replacing the motherboard as I didn't trust my abilities in soldering on a board. Found one on ebay for around $150 I think. This was going to be for my kid at school so didn't want to buy new with the inflated prices pre-school year. Fairly easy install with the right tools. Got it all done and then the school came out a week before start and said outside computers not allowed as they had enough to go 1 to 1 for the year. FML...

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If you wife’s Chromebook is the same model try swopping batteries.

If her battery charges fine in your laptop and your’s doesn’t charge in her’s then you know that you need a new battery.

Asus Chromebook C523N Battery Replacement

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Its not the same battery. Are there other indicators that would help diagnose a non-functional battery? On mine the light wont even turn on when plugging it into the charger. Does that lean to a bad battery or a bad motherboard?

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Hi @Sean Goodman

Just disconnect the battery and try to run Chromebookl with just the charger plugged in. If all is well then the battery is probably defective and I would guess shorting out the system.

It could be something else but let's just try this to start.

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I have the same problem, but disconnecting the battery and plugging it in does not allow the computer to run. What's the next step?

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@Peter Anderson

What is the make and model number of the laptop?

Do you get any indications on the laptop when a charger is connected?

If not maybe check if the DC-In jack is OK.

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