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Release Date: April, 2012. The black GT70 2OC-065US 17.3" Gaming Laptop Computer is a serious gaming laptop that will bring more game to your gaming.

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Why won’t my laptop work

it takes a hour to boot up and when it does it has very bad frames it also can’t run games and takes 3 min to load a google tab.

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Hi @jadenj ,

How much ram is installed in the laptop?

If the OS is Win 10 try starting the laptop in safe mode and check if it starts up OK.

If it does then there is a driver problem.

The display will look different as only generic Windows drivers are loaded and not drivers that are specific to the hardware in your laptop.

Given that you’re experiencing display problems, first check if the display adapter drivers are up to date.

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I have this same issue, What OS are you using, because mine by default works better on windows ten and it is slower like this on windows 7. Try booting into the BIOS menu to check your ram and memory. Please also include RAM Usage on startup and alt-Ctrl-Del to open task manager. Check if any unidentified programs are running that are eating all the ram, normal ram usage is 20-30% on normal boot. You can get into bios by spamming Delete when it is booting up. If the windows icon appears, you will have to retry. Also, please try to describe the other symptoms.

You could try:

Booting into safe mode

Changing settings in BIOS

Running Malwarebytes or Kaspersky Ultimate Security (Not Sponsered)

Wiping your hard drive (is not necessary) will rid any malware from your system.

Running system defrags, you can get programs or use windows built-in one. My aunt had this PC too, and this same issue until she ran system defrag multiple times.

Using Advanced Systemcare to clean up invalid registries and junk files will defrag the disk too.

Use task manager to check exactly what is consuming your frames. IF it is going away when the task manager is opened, don’t worry! You need to run windows repair! How to open the windows repair menu: Force shutdown the computer just after the windows logo appears. Do this until you get a blue screen menu.(not bsod) then select windows repair.

There is an issue program that could cause this and it is due to corrupt registry files, you may need to keep the task manager running to keep the errored program from running.

That’s all that I think I can do to help, but make sure you have no crypto-mining malware on your system.

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