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Modelo A1989, EMC 3358. Una actualización del diseño existente, con opciones de procesador actualizadas y un cambio en los materiales del teclado. Disponible en plata y gris espacial. Lanzado en mayo de 2019.

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Missing Hall sensor mystery.

My MacBook Pro (A1989) should have two hall sensors on most extreme position of motherboard. I found out, that my MacBook has only one. The other sensor pins has just connected two connection positions (middle two facing towards display). From time to time, it happens, that when I close the lid, Mac falls to hibernation, but does not wake up, when I close the lid. I am puzzled.

I was wondering, where to get second sensor, or how to make this more stable. I guess current state with shorted pins is but unusual.

Can you help?

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Are you sure you selected the correct model here? This systems board number is 820-00850 Double Check. Take a picture of your boards hall sensor/s and where the missing one would be Agregar imágenes a una pregunta existente

Block Image

Update (06/21/2021)

@Ivo Hanuška - Your board number doesn’t make sense!

As you can see for these systems all are 820-xxxxx (five digits) Apple loves hiding it and the very newest one have a new code system a QR tag and a four alphanumeric code.

Block Image

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My board has different number, but very similar (if not same) layout. My number is 1320-2746. Pins are shorted by some form of glue/varnish. I was measuring resistance of connection and it was about 2 ohms. I guess this is some form of quick fix of previous owner. Maybe they blocked this sensor somewhere in software, since I had to clear NVRAM and SMC few times. I have no Idea what components are on sensor sub board I can not guess what should be output with closed and opened lid.

I just do not know and I’m puzzled.

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@Ivo Hanuška - Please post some images so we can see things.

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