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Guías de reparación y desmontaje de portátiles fabricados por Haier.

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Glass of Touch panel of Haier Y11B is broken

What will be the price of this touch glass of Haier Y11B in Pakistan?

Screen is ok but I want to change the touch glass.Please guide me for repairing it.

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Price kia ha

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FYI: I’m from the States, but I’m answering this as well as I can, so you know what to POTENTIALLY expect.

With a lot of these glass touchscreen laptops, you usually need to replace the screen as an assembly* unless it’s something like the consumer “touch optional” HP arrangement where the touchscreen controller is part of the LCD driver board - HP’s glass digitizer models also tend to be “assembly only”, or you can replace it piecemeal but you’re buying a panel fused to glass and it isn’t much better. In many cases, these touch assemblies tend to be so expensive, it’ll total out a “budget” touchscreen model like the Haier Y11. The cost to replace a bad touchscreen is part of the reason I avoid them when I reasonably can do so. If it’s reasonably priced, I’ll look into it but if I find the screens are 30-40% of the cost of the notebook at the time of purchase, it’s a disqualifying feature. For “non serviceable” variants (like Dell), it CANNOT cost a lot more than a raw LCD (Ex: Raw LCD $150 vs a $250 touchscreen will disqualify the option, $150 raw vs $200 acceptable). Once it gets too expensive, you’re replacing the screen with a known good one from a donor, or the entire computer.
*Not all of them, to be fair - the price issue usually just plagues high end machines like the EliteBook and Latitude E7 series. In some cases, this is the case on touchscreen ThinkPad’s but Lenovo is better about making the LCD parts “modular” so you can service the unit - but much like Dell and HP, Lenovo has some “non-serviceable” stinkers. Yes, I can settle. But why in the world would I do that when I can buy a high-end variant for the same money as the low end? Screw that, give me my i5/i7 or Ryzen 5/7.

Since the Y11B was used in the PM laptop scheme, the parts may or may not be semi-custom so you may want to make sure first, but it looks like the Y11B was also sold to the general public with PM units just being engraved. I would see if you can buy just the glass adhered to the bezel, but you may need to replace the entire assembly here. Otherwise, option B is buying a donor from a student who moved onto a better laptop and has it laying around due to a fatal defect like a bad motherboard.
However, if the PM Laptop scheme is anything like the US for things like Vocational Rehab programs or school grants it’s nearly the same as the standard model with a different model number you can’t buy new as it’s a “hidden” spec variant. For things like Voc Rehab, temp owned loaner then you wait 6 months for a permanent machine.

FYI: It’s not just you - we also occasionally run into this problem in the States as well with grant and systems given to people with a low income through welfare programs. However, when we do it tends to be based on a retail version, but with specs anyone who can buy their own laptop will laugh at (Ex: Celeron or low-end AMD). Some are engraved, others aren’t - depends on the program. US fixers who sometimes run into them from former students aren’t alone in having to figure it out, or flat out telling the student it’s BER. Thankfully some programs are sensible and just buy a low-end retail unit where parts are available.

In the US with these machines, we usually see one of these two issues when it isn’t a normal spec unit:

  • Custom all-around spec (CPU/RAM/storage*) - often uses a low-end TN panel.
  • Normal CPU/RAM options but has a custom storage configuration** - often uses a low-end TN panel, but you sometimes get lucky here.

With both of these, some parts aren’t easy to find so we also see this in different areas, but also run into these problems. In some cases, it doesn’t matter because if it’s a normal setup outside of a nonstandard hard drive I can tell the customer who has the notebook I can’t buy that ORIGINAL drive easily, but I can put an SSD in or a WD Black, for instance and be on my way like it never happened. That said, I cannot easily do that with a motherboard with a different CPU - best I can do is look around, but otherwise I need to tell the customer who has it I can’t match their old motherboard BUT I can see what the retail model uses and come as close as I can, but I need to see what the original failed board has compared to my close matched board, especially if it may use LVDS or iDP depending on the customizations.
In other cases, you can’t make certain upgrades or repairs as easily without other parts (Ex: Before SureView, it was easy to replace the 768p LCD for a FHD IPS on the HP Commercial laptops. Want to try doing that on a grant laptop? You often need the cable and LCD. And you may need to verify panel compatibility (Ex: Common spec retail is FHD iDP, but the “grant system” is LVDS 768p - cable and LCD required, and you can’t really exceed HD+).
*An example here is base retail is 8GB/500GB HD vs 4GB/250GB HD on the grant variant.
**An example here is 8GB/250GB HD.

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Muhammad Naeem and Ahmed Abbas the glass is fixed to the screen. Unless you have the right tools and experience to remove the glass and to properly reapply, you should replace the complete assembly. Price in Pakistan looks like ~ Rs 25,000 Check places like this If you want to replace it yourself use something like the beginning of this video as a guide. [

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@oldturkey03 it looks like you need to replace it all and transfer the boards, SSD and battery to me to change a panel on this laptop.

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@nick not easy but it can be done. Again unbiased and objective no matter what the device.

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@oldturkey03 The issue with the post at the time I took it was that these were still mostly with students who didn't want to open the units, so we didn't have the information at the time we did now. We just didn't know for sure for a few years as the class who got these graduated and if they broke they broke.

Looks like my prediction it's one of those cursed glass+screen ones was right, and it wasn't cheap (well, per my set of rules around these panels and Bing Translate lol).

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