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AARP RealPad MA7BX2 is a device that came out in 2014. Identified by the word RealPad on the back and the model number at the bottom.

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Login to wifi required on power up

I changed wifi routers a while back, and since then I have to login each time the realpad is powered up. Is there a way to bypass this? I cannot find anything in the user manual you posted a link to. Thank you.

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Do you mean login to the WiFi network and not login to the tablet?

If you mean the WiFi network, go to Settings > Wireless and Networks > WiFi, select the appropriate network and then select Forget this network.

Disable the WiFi and the re-enable it and let it scan for new networks. Select the wanted network and insert the password. Connect to the network and then prove it works OK by using an app etc.

Restart the tablet and check if you have to reinsert the password.

If it still fails to retain the password I’m not sure with your tablet how to access the advanced WiFi settings (if any). Select the wanted network and then perhaps press the right hand soft key at the bottom of the screen to open another menu box. If there is an auto reconnect or save option, select it.

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Tried but still needs the password.

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To clarify, the tablet doesn’t require a login when powered up. In Wi-Fi when my network is selected, there is >Show advanced options available, with #1> Proxy (default is >None, with >Manual an option), and #2> IP settings (default is >DHCP, with >Static an option). Would changing these options help? Thanks jayeff.

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Hi @thegroove7

Please "unaccept my answer" as it didn't work for you. Don't want to give the wrong impression to others ;-)

Did the network name and/or password change when you switched routers?

Each manufacturer can change the Android OS software in their device to suit their requirements, even though there is a Version number which may be the same as other devices and this makes it a bit difficult to give exact things to try as they may not be relevant to your device.

The advanced settings you mentioned have no bearing on passwords

Maybe check each WiFi network that shows up in the list and see if there is an option to "forget this network". If so then select it. Maybe there is limited storage for passwords in the device. I don't know.

What I do know is that you have to "root" the device with alternate software to be able to "see" where the passwords are stored in the device and to see whether there is corruption in the file or not preventing proper storage etc. I do not advise trying this

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Hi @jayeff - Yes the network name and password did change. I will try your new suggestions. Thanks.

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@jayeff No option to forget networks but thanks anyway.

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