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After reset to factory settings black screen no life

Hi, I have a huawei 20 mate lite. Fully charged it before doing a factory reset. ( ready to sale as upgraded to another mobile).

since factory reset via internal settings. The mobile will not switch on, there’s no light indicator, no vibration, no logo nothing, no life what so ever.

l googled online ways of to try and get it back to normal to no avail. The mobile is 2 years old but in excellent condition, always been in a 360’ protected case and in excellent working condition before this issue. Is this mobile totally past it’s life or is there a chance. Can you help at all.

thanks in advance


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Hi @jjp1966,

Do you get any indications on the phone when the charger is connected to it and switched on?

If so allow the phone to fully charge and then try a hard reset and check if there is a response and that it works.

If the phone had a Google account, you will need to know the User ID and password of the account to access the phone after it has been reset as the FRP lock will have been enabled by the reset.

If you plan on disposing the device and can access it OK, remove the account from the phone’s settings so that when you reset it again, the phone is account free and the FRP lock won’t be enabled for the new owner. Apologies if you knew this already.

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