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Why does the blade stop rotating when food is in the larger bowl?

My issue is odd. The mixing bowl and all functions work, the small glass goblet works on all foods and even the blade will rotate in the large bowl when there is no food in it, but as soon as I put food in it to chop the blade stops as if it’s too much to go through the food - this happens with even softish bread (to make breadcrumbs). Not sure what the problem might be? Would ordering a new bowl or blade help?

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@clairepearson Your question is already more than two years old, perhaps you are still interested in an answer. In the meantime there is a solution by printing the spare part using a 3D-printer.

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@vauweh every question deserves an answer, no matter how old. The OP may have already fixed it but there might be others that will benefit from your good answer!

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