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El Samsung Galaxy Ace II X cuenta con un procesador de 1 GHz, una cámara de 5MP y una pantalla TFT de 800x480.

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Why won't the battery charge?

Hello iFixit community,

My wife’s mother has had this phone since the beginning of time. It’s in fairly good condition, but I can’t get the battery to take a charge. I’ve taken it apart to the point of being able to see the back of the circuit board, but I can’t find anything that’s clearly wrong with it.

The battery has (what I assume is) a date on it of 2012.11.10… I don’t know if this is the date the batteery was manufactured because the writing beside that date is Chinese.

Is it just that the battery is past it’s life expectancy or do these phones have problems with the charging jacks on the solder points or….? Is there something I can do to fix this with relative ease?

We don’t have a spare battery laying around.. is there any kind of check I can do to see if it IS indeed the battery before trying to find a replacement?

Any help would be appreciated! Many thanks in advance for any of your time and efforts!

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The phone was returned to it's original owner; apparently it was a loan. Thanks to those who took time to answer the question, it's much appreciated.

Never did get to find out if it was just an old battery or what the problem was.

Thanks again to those who took time to answer the question!

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Hi @cdnbc250 ,

It may be simpler and easier to source a replacement battery first, rather than trying to see if there is a charging problem in the phone itself, (supplier example only or search for EB425161LU to find other suppliers that suit you better). It will save a lot of time and effort if there is nothing wrong with the phone, apart from the original battery of course.

You may also have to consider if the phone is still usable if you get it working in that it only supports 2G and 3G (900 and 2100 bands) phone networks. 2G has already been phased out in most places and 3G is heading the same way. Also your preferred service provider may not use the same 3G frequencies that the phone supports.

If it is no longer useful as phone but still works with a new battery, you could always use it as a .mp3 player. Just insert a micro SD card (up to 32GB) to store the music on

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AT&T is no longer activating 3G devices. You're safe if you did it before the block, but they will not take new ones. Also my Moto G5 Plus is done in 2022 since it has no HD Voice :-(. I think T-Mobile has a similar block.

I took it off of AT&T when I got my G7 almost 3 years ago, so it's no longer going to be accepted.

OP's mom is better off having his mom buy a used 1-2 year old flagship phone with 4G, or 3 years if the price is too high when it's only 1-2 years old.

I even told mine with her S6 Active it could happen any day, so she may want to upgrade! I don't trust the future of her phone. She's probably fine, but the S6 is def "higher risk", if that makes sense. She may not listen since she's attached to it. I may need to help her buy a phone from a place like Walmart or DG (AT&T Prepaid) if she runs into that situation until she can drop a few hundred on a unlocked phone, or AT&T has a financing deal.

In addition, I'd need to be there so she doesn't screw the process up - get it wrong and they "lock" to GoPhone SIMs in some cases! May be different now since it's just AT&T PREPAID, but I just want to be safe with her.

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