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The Bose SoundLink Color is a Bluetooth speaker, designed as a more affordable and portable alternative to the SoundLink Mini.

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replace battery: bose color soundlink ii

The sample image does not match the appearance of the same-described item I purchased on amazon. It is more a rounded square. There is no item match by product name.

The troubleshooting guide here for color soundlink ii links to a battery replacement guide for another model.

Anyone skilled have a low-skill guide for battery replacement in the Bose color soundlink ii ?

Block Image

This is what I have. It is the 2nd to fail to recharge, fail to power on, fail to be button-reset.

It will be the last Bose speaker I ever buy. JBL seems the next best option.

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Hi @whose ,

Here’s a video that shows how to open a Bose SoundLink Color 2 that may help.

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It does show how to open the device indirectly. It does not share the battery type. It suggested I ought have electronics skills.. which I don't. I appreciate the suggestion in a productive direction.

- de


It's unfortunate that the battery type is not shown in the video even though the battery can be seen.

In the end you may have to open it up just so that the battery type information can be gotten from the battery so that a replacement battery can be ordered and installed.

At least that way you know you're getting the correct one.

- de

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