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Lanzado en junio de 2012, modelo A1278. Procesador Intel con Turbo Boost, hasta 512 MB de RAM de video DDR5

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Why my trackpad is not working properly after I changed the battery

I changed my trackpad and battery ( it was swollen) on my macbook pro mid 2012. Now the new track pad does not work properly. Its not sensitive at all u need to push and hold the finger for it to respond but when i warm it up with my hand or hair dryer it gets alot better almost as good as it was before. What can be the couse of this? Maybe a lose cable or ribbon? Please help me

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What is the condition of the housing surrounding the trackpad? It sounds like you may have gunk or debris on the edges of the top case that hold the trackpad in place. With the trackpad removed do those edges look dirty? Did you also replace the trackpad cable or just the trackpad? What is the condition of the trackpad cable.

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I did change the cable with the trackpad. I havnt removed the trackpad to see the dirt on the edges. Can it be the reason for unresponsiveness of my trackpad?

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There is a centre screw at the “bottom” of the trackpad that needs to be loosened or tightened. If you are like me (in the past) and tightened it too much, there will be no “click” effect. Image is courtesy of iFixit with my edit in ORANGE.

Block Image

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I dnt have a problem with clicking at all it responds well to clicks. Its unresponsive to the touch. But when i warm it up it gets alot better and more sensitive

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