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Repair and information guide for the Samsung RS25J500D** refrigerator—a side-mounted freezer model with built-in design, automatic ice maker, and through-the-door service features. This page covers information for model numbers matching the pattern RS25J500D**.

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Samsung Freezer not staying cold

Hi! Last week I had a problem with our Samsung side by side refrigerator, not dumping ice in the ice maker. I actually used this website & was able to find some information to get that working. We did the following:

  • Removed items throughout for improved airflow
  • Husband vacuumed the coils (wasn’t able to remove the front plate for underneath, but vacuumed the front area. Also, he vacuumed the back as best he could without unplugging the appliance)
  • Changed freezer temperature to the maximum coldest
  • Bought an appliance thermometer and put it inside

And the next morning by lunchtime, we had ice again and the temperature was under 9 degrees! Success!

It was working fine for 2-3 days, however, it seemed like with the freezer so cold, the door got so cold the buttons wouldn’t work without pushing with extreme pressure. So he lowered the temperature 1 notch a couple days later because of the buttons issue. Now, the thermometer has started creeping back up again in temperature, thus the ice maker is no longer working properly, and the food items are not staying frozen as well. We have increased the temperature to the maximum coldest again, FYI.

Does anyone have any advice? Do you think it’s the coils still or possibly something else?

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Hi @cb414 ,

What is the model number of the refrigerator?

What are the actual temperatures in the freezer and the refrigerator as shown on the control panel display (if it has this) and the thermometer?

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Hi @jayeff

The model number is RS25J500DSG. And to answer your question about temperatures - there is no digital temperature but I have an appliance thermometer I’m using. This morning, the freezer is at 20 but it was up to 30 last night. Yesterday in the morning it was about 12 degrees when the day started. And the fridge is at 40 right now. It has been pretty stable it seems, not fluctuating as much.

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Hi @cb414 ,

It could be a faulty freezer temperature sensor, part #1-9- freezer diagram.

Also check whether the evaporator unit inside the freezer compartment behind a panel is OK and not iced up at all and that the evaporator fan is operating OK.

The fan will stop when a door is open (either door) so you may have to listen for it operating and stopping when a door is opened and starting again when they are closed.

Usually it is controlled by the door switches but I think that your model has magnetic reed switches which aren’t that easy to find so it is a bit hard to operate them manually with a magnet with the door open.

If you can’t hear it stop and start (it will run as long as the compressor is operating and the doors are both shut) then if you can see it with the panel removed, mark one of the blades with a marker pen and then close the door and reopen it a bit later and check if the blade has moved position

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@jayeff thank you for your help! We called a repairman out. He said there were multiple pro males which is why it wouldn’t stay cold and the buttons aren’t working. The fix is almost as much as the fridge cost. So we are just going to get a new unit. Thanks for your help!!

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