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TaoTronics TT-SK10 does not charge properly

TaoTronics TT-SK10 does not charge

When I plug in the power cable, the power indicator is turning on for a sec and going off right after a sec

Tried resetting the speaker but no luck.

Any suggestion on how to fix this charging issue?

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How to open the speaker? In my case after trying so many times the port is out from the board. Now, unable to use the speaker. Can anyone help?

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One of the cells in the battery is gone. open and change it.

There are no skews under the rubber feet.

You need to open it, first pop up the decorative sides. unscrew the bolts from the wide speaker side, not from the side that are 2 speakers. There are 4 clips up and down on the metal cover. There are 8 more skews and you will have access. The battery is 2000mah 7.4v on single connector. replace cells or single cell in my case and it works again.

It is surprisingly reparable.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Have you tried a different compatible, known working charger or charger cable and checked if it started to charge, you didn't say?

Use a magnifying glass and a bright light and visually inspect the charge port enclosure for any obstructions such as lint etc . Also check that the pins are all there and that they are not broken or missing.

If this is any obstruction in the enclosure do not use a metal pin or probe to get it out, as you may damage the pins. Try using a vacuum cleaner instead.

If the port looks OK then try the following:

Plug the charge cable into the port but do not connect the other end of the cable to anything!

Then grab the speaker firmly in one hand and grabbing hold of the inserted cable plug with the other hand try to gently, stress gently move the cable plug up and down and side to side and check if any movement of the charge port is detected.

If there is it may be loose from the circuit board or even if not the speaker will have to be opened and further testing done to find out what’s wrong.

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