Left part of the screen is not lit up.

Hello, guys! I have one for the archives! HP AIO 24-f010la, Intel core I5 8th gen. Came to my shop with broken screen, really broken screen. I had not realized until I put the new one in, that the left part of the screen is not lit up. Checked the cable that connects the backlight, it’s all fine, continuity beeps just fine on all pins. I have 3 caps in the motherboard with correct voltages (44V) going into the connector. I have 2 pins on the cable that drive those 44V just fine. And yet, the left part of the screen is not lighting up. Not in the broken one, nor in the new one.

Anyone encountered such a problem before? Any idea where to look?

I really appreciate the time you take to answer this.

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Hi @larcito ,

Don't know the answer but try searching for the motherboard schematics by using the motherboard's board number in the search term i.e. "(insert motherboard board number) schematic"

or perhaps for the datasheet for the LCD screen using the make and model number of the screen i.e. "(insert screen make and model number) datasheet" to get the pinout for the cables for the screen.

Either one should help to let you know exactly how the backlights are powered

Just a thought

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