iPhone X won’t charge if the ear speaker is connected

I got an iPhone X, but it wasn’t charging. I installed a new battery, a new dock connector and a new screen (as the previous one had a crack). It still wasn’t charging, but after some more troubleshooting I figured out that if I disconnect the ear speaker, it will start charging fine. I can’t find any information on this kind of defect anywhere, and I don’t know what to do other than maybe get a new ear speaker. Does anyone have some insight on this?

Edit: I started messing around with it, and was able to find an inellegant solution. After cutting off the ambient light sensor and the little circuits that led up to it, I was able to get it to charge with no problems. The rest of the ear speaker parts work. Replacing the ear speaker would probably solve the problem and give me a working ambient light sensor, but I’m good with this.

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I was able to fix my problem, however inellegantly. I updated my question to include the fix.

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