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Una batidora de mano de 5 velocidades lanzada en 2012. Esta batidora incluye batidoras, pero soporta varios accesorios, incluyendo un batidor y un gancho para masa.

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My speed switch broke

I was on my 4th use of this mixer ever, beating cream. I treated it gently as I always do, and I had it on full speed (5). Went to turn down the speed and the switch was suddenly loosey-goosey (not clicking into place for each speed like it was just doing prior), and speed stayed at 5 (my current speed) no matter what I did with the switch (also would not turn off). I had to unplug it to stop the beaters. Is there any way to repair this part? And if not, who can I give this to so it doesn’t go to landfill?

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I can’t find any replacement speed switches online but here’s the ifixit KitchenAid KHM512ER Repair guides that may help you to dis-assemble the mixer so that you can see what the problem is.

If it is the selector switch, then perhaps there may be some information on it which may help you to find a replacement part. Use the make and model information (if any) that is on the switch in the search term when searching online.

I suggest that you don’t put “KitchenAid” in the search as this only leads to results for suppliers of complete mixers and not the constituent parts.

Most appliance repair services should be able to fix it but the problem may be a lack of replacement parts and also that the repair labour cost is probably more than a new mixer so reputable repairers would decline to repair it. Given the cost of the appliance it is doubtful that the manufacturer has even provided any, as shown in this link. Only the user manual, the beaters and the switch knob are available.

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