About how much life is left on this SSD?

I got this SSD in a pile of junk (128GB mSATA SM841N) and while it works, it was at 88% when I got it - not ideal as a “production” drive, but I threw it in an enclosure and turned it into a music SSD. However, it has taken a sudden 7% lifetime hit at some point in the time I’ve used it as a music SSD.

Block Image

How much life is this SSD likely have as a real world estimate, or am I better off dumping it now and moving onto a 256GB class SSD? As far as the security of my CD rips I do have a primary SSD with WAV and FLAC files on it, so if this does drop dead they exist elsewhere.

However it was at 100% 7 days ago so the performance hit is new.

Block Image

I’m also wondering what the SM841N official TBW rating is - hopefully being a drive with 20.60TB of data isn’t a concern on it’s own.


I replaced the enclosure due to the poor quality of the previous enclosure I tried and it did fix the performance hit (and TRIM message) but the 82% health wear. See the above image:

Block Image

I suspect this is a 75TBW drive but I can’t verify that for sure, since it’s hard to trace the retail version of the drive down to make sure.

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Hi @nick

Just my two cents, normally i will check for any firmware updates to the ssd.

I did encounter some after installation either os will get corrupted or smart notification - degraded on those older msata samsung ssd.

sandisk i have less luck, those errors, e.g. using for express cache with hard disk, e.g. in lenovo thinkpad, etc... somehow also around one year time ... it will just go dead, smart error, etc.

and i just either remove it or change primary hard disk to ssd (as ssd price is getting reasonable)

Also during ssd introduction to the market, I had a couple of transcend ssd 720, running on company laptop, and it starts to fail prematurely around one year plus, bsod, not able to boot, etc There are no mentioned from Trandscend, I just RMA it, but some said could be the quality of NAND Chips, e.g. sandforce, etc.

IMO i know newer samsung ssd should be much stable now.

Pro series normally is believed to be using a better NAND chip, and thus of the price, also in some way, like my area, giving 5 years warranty.

- de

@salmonjapan The SM841N is a OEM'd product, so I need to get the firmware from Dell as it was OEM'd out to Dell in a past life. Apparently it's an 840 PRO mSATA.

The SSD was part of some scrap so I was seeing if I can push it lol. If the drive drops dead, I'll just sell the enclosures I ordered and be done with it - including the one I used.

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@danj Any ideas on this?

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SSD's tend to go fast when they go. I'd say its just worn out.

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@danj So with 20TBW, when it degrades noticeably dump it? I have the music on a primary "master" drive and I'm religious about making sure I copy the files.

Makes sense why i got it as scrap with that much use. ADMITTEDLY I could have done better but mSATA enclosures are cheap and I needed something quick I can afford some risk on.

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