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How is this part not available?

My nailer took a tumble down the stairs and broke the metal bracket that the “no mar contact tip” attaches to (part of the depth set mechanism and the piece that sticks the furthest away from the body of the tool.) I've searched all the parts websites and it seems every o-ring and screw and other part is available, but I cant find this one and can't even find a good name for it. Not willing to buy a new tool over a $5 part. Can anyone help?

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Do you see the part on this diagram?

Block Image

If so, this site should help identify it and may offer it for sale

It appears that that is part of the magazine assembly.

Block Image

Block Image

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Thanks Issac, but no, it's not a numbered part on that diagram /website. It’s the metal piece that screw 36 goes into after piece 35.

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@anonnimity Updated answer. Looks like it's part of an assembly, not sold as separate.

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