MacBook Pro has good Wifi/Airport card but not found?

I'm trying to troubleshoot this 13" MacBook Pro 2010 that won't show a WiFi icon in the status bar & Airport doesn't show up in the network connectivity. When I used the system diagnostic utilities I checked the Airport card launch daemons & it showed it as installed & it said it was "active" but only moving 12kb up & 10kb down during the last session.

I know it has a good WiFi card & cable installed because I connected another display with a tested wifi & cables so that's not the issue. The only 2 things I can think of is either a bad logic board connection or damaged component or a software issue? But I have no idea how to analyze the software issue? I ran the Apple Hardware Test - Long version with everything checking out ok. Any help or suggestions would be VERY HELPFUL!!!

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Please explain how hooking up another display shows your card to be good. I don't understand the logic.

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Mayer - I gues it doesn't exactly mean the first card was good, but the other display had a good WiFi card so there had to be another issue. I even ran the Apple Service Diagnostic on it & came up with no related errors. I think it's probably a logic board issue.

It's sold now, but if anyone has a way to troubleshoot this I'd like to hear it. I tried to find the Clamshell Service Diagnostic but no luck.

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