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Electrolux ENN2801EOW integrated 54cm 70/30 fridge freezer

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Fridge Freezer stopes working after 15s, starts every 7min for 15s

Electrolux Fridge Freezer 70/30 integrated 54cm stopped cooling.

It has lights and touch panel works fine.

Starting it it gives sound that motor might be working but after 15s there is a click sound and it stops. It repeats same click sound like relay switching on every 7 min and after15s there is a click sound again and it stops.

Booking engineer will take weeks, tempted to order spare parts from Electrolux, but not sure what might be the faulty one?

PNC: 92550302103

Update: now in the evening is every 4min, interesting thing is if I turn it on, it clicks .. running .. 15s - clicks again and is not working. I I turn off fridge it still clicks after 4min. If I plugged it again it would be the same thing. I sounds like some kind of protection - like mechanical thermostat.

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Hi @mostelectorlux ,

In the link you posted, there are two parts that may be of interest.

Click on Cooling System 017, then Please select a number, part #11 the running capacitor and also part #8 the starting device with motor protector part.

When the motor is initially started it operates on the start and run windings. When it gets up to speed an internal centrifugal switch operates and disconnects the start winding as the motor can continue to operate on the run winding only. The start winding is only used to help overcome the inertia of the motor from the at rest position. If the capacitor is faulty then it can’t continue to run and it will stop and then try to start again etc.

Is the compressor motor getting too hot to touch even in the short time that it is on?

They are designed to be able to run continuously for long periods so it can be warm but not too hot to touch. If the capacitor is faulty then the motor might be getting too hot as there is a lot of current flowing when both windings are being used. If so, then the protector is just doing what it is designed to do and turning it off.

It could also simply be that the starter/protector is faulty and cutting out when it shouldn’t.

Worst case is that it may be that the compressor is faulty or perhaps there has been a loss of refrigerant from the sealed cooling system. Check for any oily residues on the condenser coils or on or under the compressor motor. There is a special oil mixed in with the refrigerant to lubricate the compressor. If there is a leak, then the refrigerant will escape to the air undetected but the oil may leave a trace.

Depending on your location, you may need a licensed fridge repairer to check the sealed system and compressor etc so as to comply with the government’s environmental regulations regarding the handling of refrigerant gases.

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Thanks for your reply, I actually ordered two pars you mentioned from Electrolux as they were the only one I would be able to do something with, but cancelled the yesterday morning as Fridge started working after 12h off.

Freezer reached -2 quickly but Fridge was really slow, it was empty and temperature was going down 1c or 2c /1h

11:00 19.8c

12:30 18.9c

13:30 16.7c

15:30 13.1c

17:30 11.7c

After 6pm I filled it up with cold 2/3c items like milk, jars from outside but still it managed only to get to 6c.

After 24h work it stopped this morning again.

I've booked engineer as its integrated fridge so don't have access to the back of it. Have small baby so need fridge, wont be able to give it a go and fix it by myself.

Motor should be fine as it was working for 24h, it might be one of the two components you mentioned, but hoping engineer will be able to check level of coolant as well and top it up if needed.

Really appreciate your answer, gives good insight.

- de

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