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Repair and disassembly guides for Brother printers.

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My brother printer doesnt have the WLAN option to connect to wifi

I got my brother MFC-7360N printer secondhand for christmas, i want to scan and print some artwork i have created but it tells me theres no connection. Ive looked at many tutorials and manuals online but when i select network it doesnt give me the WLAN option to continue, can anyone help?

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Hi @cursella art,

Hi Cursella Art, from I see on the specs of the printer, there is no wireless interface on the printer.

but, you can connect a lan cable from your router to your brother printer and setup as a network printer.

that is the best way to setup the printer to be able to print from network.

let us know if you need any help in the setup.

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The “N” connotation at the end of the model name MFC-7360”N” indicates that it is only network ready using ethernet and not wireless. If it had a wireless capability, it would have a “W” in it’s model name. eg. MFC-7360W. So no that model does not have wireless/WLAN capability.

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