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instrument panel power issues on a 2005 ford focus

fuel gauge, temp gauge, trip meter, and speedometer all quit working after shutting it off the day before.

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you could try to put it inot test mode "To enter the HEC Dealer Test Mode, depress and hold the instrument cluster SELECT/RESET button, turn the ignition switch to the RUN position, and then continue pressing the SELECT/RESET button (5 seconds) until tESt is displayed in the odometer. � The SELECT/RESET button must be released within three seconds of the odometer tESt display to begin the dealer test mode. � Depress the SELECT/RESET button to advance through the following steps until dtc is displayed. � Depressing the SELECT/RESET button will display any stored continuous DTCs before proceeding to the next step." BTW there was a big stink in England a few years ago about having to replace the clusteres. You might want to check with your dealer. Here is the complete hack for the dash. See what you come up with.

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