All LED lights blinking. Can only type when it blinks - RESOLVED

The keyboard worked fine until last weeks when it would randomly get key delays and kept typing a button that I released. (example: I pressed A once and it typed 5 times etc.)

Now, my keyboard’s leds are blinking when I turn them on ( Caps, Scroll, Num and Game Mode (custom button)) and it only registers typing while it blinks, the blinking interval is of about 0.50sec.

I tried on another device, same problem, might be some emergency shortcut I triggered.


Update (12/20/2020)

I managed to fix it, it was a software issue, all I had to do was restart the Software Program ( Logitech G-Hub ) and update it.

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What is the make and model number of the keyboard?

Has any liquid been spilled on the keyboard at all, ever?

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Never, Logitech G213

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AlliHell post the update to your question as an answer so we can mark it as resolved :-)

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