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The ipad is working with only the background light on, cannot display?

Hello my friends, I have an replaced IPad Pro 11’inch. Few days ago, the device just started to randomly blink and later the display went off(black but i can see the background light). I know that the device is working because I can see the screenshot picture in my iCloud. I went to Apple and they would not fix it, said they could only do a replacement for $500+, since the warranty expired in August.

I tried to go to another local tech store and having them take a look on the device, said that the LCD screen is fine since the background light is still on, and he doubted that there was something wrong with the logic board. Could anyone please provide some advice?

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The only other way to look for signs of life - to find out if the whole device is malfunctioning or just the screen, is to hook it up to a computer. Does the computer see it and interact with it or is there no response?

Have you tried to give it a reset? Hold down the sleep and home keys for about 20 seconds. If you see the silver apple it's rebooting.

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