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Chunk missing from knife handle

I have a large chefs knife with a full length metal tang. The hard plastic? handle material has come away either side of a hole through which the two sides of the handle connect. I have one piece but the other is missing. What glue/epoxy/material would be good to form the missing piece and attach to the knife and loose handle piece?

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Hi @dcooperj

Usually an epoxy adhesive makes for a good bond between different materials.

The problem may be the type of plastic used, as some don’t adhere that well to the epoxy.

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Thankyou, I have some of this. Would the expoxy also be good to fill the gap created by the missing piece if I layered up excess epoxy and then sanded down?

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If you could create a suitable mold to hold it in place, you may be able to fill in one go. You need to avoid any air bubbles though. Allow plenty of time for it to cure before sanding.

If you're not replacing the plastic then you could try if the epoxy bonds to it just so you know in case it happens with other similar utensils. ;-)

Otherwise layering it should work as long as you roughed up the surface a bit (after it has cured) to give the new layer something to grip onto

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How about creating a mold from silicon molding putty from the good side of the knife, then using Polyester casting material casting a replacement part.

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