IOHW Monitor - no Params Version!

Bit of backstory:

Light Blue Screen of Death

Learned about Verbose mode and ran that on my iMac G5.

Saw this:

IOHW Monitor - no Params Version !!

Possibly relevant information:

1. It has a Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SATA III SSD right now. The HDD died and I had this laying around, so I stuck it in. Makes for some incredibly fast boot times when I boot it in Safe Mode.

2. It has a 1632 CMOS battery instead of a 2032 CMOS battery because I couldn’t find my 2032s and from what Google told me they are identical except for size and capacity.

3. It has 1.5 GB of RAM (1GB, 512MB). No idea if the same speed or not.

I do have 1GB DDR DIMMs, but they are all ECC (I think) and/or they don’t work in my iMac. When tested alone, they result in the “vroom fan mode”.

4. It is running 10.4.11 with every update possible.

Any ideas, info, or thoughts?

Google turned up nothing on this error.

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