Light Blue Screen of Death

I have an A1058 iMac G5. It powers on, recognizes a keyboard and mouse, but after the Apple logo with a spinning circle, it ”boots” to a light blue screen. 33% of the time, I get a mouse cursor.

I checked the inside. There are no bulging capacitors.

I think it might be a problem with the OS, but it’s hard to navigate it when all I can see is a light blue screen.

Should I try putting the hard drive in a different machine, seeing if it’s readable, and if so, reinstalling the OS? I don’t know which one.

Any help is appreciated!

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Older versions of Mac OS X (before 10.6 I believe) usually have a light blue screen on startup.

Normally I would say try checking the disk integrity using Disk Utility or single user mode but then I realized this was the G5 and not the Intel version

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I managed to get some code to flash on screen once by trying random combinations of keys, and I got it to say something about either failed screen migration or failed screen addressing. Not sure which. About 5 minutes after that, I clicked randomly, and then a part of the screen turned the cursor into the rainbow wheel. It stopped about 2 minutes later, and I wasn't able to get it back.

As a side note, it has 1.5G of RAM. I upgraded it.

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