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Repair guides for displays (or monitors) for computers or other devices with video output.

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What have to my screen? top screen appears at bottom

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Can anyone diagnose this problem? I've been trying many methods it doesn't seem to get better, My biggest issue now is how can I call this monitor issue to find the right to fixing it. Is it a hardware or software failure?

Model: Acer g206hql

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Can you post any internal screen and windows settings?

How is it connected? Can you switch cables?

Can you try another device working with the same issues on this monitor?

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Thank you for answering. I swapped the cable(VGA) with my second monitor and the same issue still there so I suspect it might have to do with my monitor hardware or else because the monitor was functioning properly a night before I open it again, thus I've tried without connect the cable the issue remaining

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So theres no second device (Laptop, another PC) to test on?

Are the outputs both on your GPU? Can you try an on-board motherboard output?

Then maybe your drivers corrupted, maybe uninstall graphic drivers and try again.

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