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La soldadura es un método para conectar dos piezas de metal entre sí mediante la fusión de otro metal de relleno entre ellas. Existen muchos tipos de soldadura, pero este artículo está diseñado para enseñarle los conceptos básicos de la soldadura eléctrica.

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How do I clean lead of soldering projects?

I’ve finished some soldering project, I haven’t washed my hands because I still have to clean the tools I used (wire strippers , multimeter etc.) except, how!?

How do I clean the lead remains off my tools? Will isopropyl alcohol clean the lead off everything? Or do I need to just never use my tools ever again unless I’m soldering? Please help!

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@shadnads the only tool you really should have solder on is your soldering iron. You clean the tip with either brass or stainless steel wool. For a complete explanation on how and what to clean follow the advice given by Weller on here Wash your hands with soap and water and wipe the rest of your tools down with a simple cloth. Yes if you got flux on there etc., use some isopropyl alcohol or a simple degreaser (water and liquid dish soap). No health risks involved unless you do some heavy duty production soldering.

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I wear gloves so I can just toss them. I just use regular soap and a hand brush to scrub my hands at the end of the day to get rid of the grime if needed.

Personally I more concerned in the vapors while I solder so I use a negative pressure fan so its pulling the air away from me and out my window.

Todays electronics solder is mostly tin, many have no lead at all. Stained glass workers are in more danger than you.

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