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Lanzado el 22 de septiembre de 2017. Modelo A1864, A1897. Disponible como GSM o CDMA / 64 o 256 GB / oro, plata y gris espacio.

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No Charge, No Power, No read out on charge meter?

I have a iPhone 8 Plus here that I have ran through all my troubleshooting steps. Customer brought it in and stated that it was charging just fine the night before he brought it in to the shop. That morning he got up and the phone was not responsive and not powering on. I cleaned the charge port well. Did not have any signs of corrosion or anything like that. The charge port was pretty clean to begin with. My charging meter was not showing any sort of output. If you wirelessly charge the device, it shows that is is charging but fluctuates between 0.0A and 0.1A… So really not at all. There are no signs of water damage within the device. I test fitted a new screen, fully charged battery, as well as a new charge port. All of these showed no success in getting the device to power back on. Neither the new and old charge port would allow the device to connect to my computer as well.

What could be going on here? Is it a Charging IC chip issue? I feel that it would be Logic Board related but I do not really know where to go from here… I don’t do Micro Soldering so that is out of question unless someone can recommend a reliable Logic Board repair shop. This is a device with the first years of life photos of the customers kids. So this would mean a lot if someone can get this device back up an going… Unfortunately the customer was not using iCloud at the time.

Any tip would be appreciated. Thanks!

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It will defiantly be a logic board problem since you have ruled out parts. If the customer is wanting there data it would be best to outsource it to a professional. If you are in the states I can recommend STS Telecom in Florida or IPad rehab in New York.

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Thanks! I will check them out!

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