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All the leds of the panel, are blinking. - RESOLVED

If you check on the following video, you will see something strange.

The panel’s led is blinking.

If I open the main door of the cabin, or of the small for the freeze, the panel seems to work.

Sometimes the motor of the refrigerator sounds to work.

When I close the door (main or the second), the problem returns.

Any suggestions, please?

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I did fix the problem.

I called on the representatives in Athens (Greece) and they told me that they don’t have a new board.

Also, on the central service in Italy, they don’t have this board anymore.

But a technician advised me to replace the capacitors.

Finally, yes! The problem was on the board.

I replace three capacitors with new… any now my fridge works fine.

The difficult was to uninstall the board from the fridge without breaking something.

But now everything is ok.

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