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La edición 2013 del portátil ultraligero para juegos de 14" de Razer.

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display wont turn on

i spilled water onto my razer blade pro (2019) and before i realized it,was too late the pc went of,so i dried it out and switched it back on’it runs alright but the screen wont turn on.dont know what else to do,am not really a hardware kinda guy

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I would not try to restart the device while leave it to dry at least 12 hours.

Turn the laptop upside down and see if any water drains out of the machine.

Leave it to dry and then reboot to see if it will be working, if yes you're lucky. Otherwise if you don't even get a picture externally you might have fried the GPU.

Good luck to you! Als okeep me updated, thank you!

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