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Computer no longer works with new RAM

Last week I added more RAM to my comp, along with a new motherboard and processor. The new RAM is 8 GB G.Skill Ripjaws. After replacing the parts, my computer wouldn’t send a signal to my moniter - I checked all wiring and removed / dusted off several parts of the comp before the moniter began to work again randomly with the original setup. I forgot about it and the comp ran fine for a week with 16 GB RAM.

This week, the moniter wouln’t receive a signal anymore. I fooled around quite a bit and found that the comp only sent a signal when the new G.Skill RAM was removed. Why would my computer reject the new RAM after working fine for a week?


CPU: Intel i5 9400

GPU: GTX 1060 3GB

Motherboard: ASUS B365M-A

RAM: Old RAM, Corsair Vengence 8 GB; Added RAM, G.Skill Ripjaws 8 GB

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I'm not familiar with your motherboard. However, have you considered you could have just had some bad RAM sticks? It's happened to me twice. Once the RAM failed 6 months after install. If it's under warranty seller or OEM should exchange.

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Hi @elesmer ,

It seems as though the PC is not passing POST (Power On Self Test) with the G-Skill ram installed.

If you connect a pc system speaker - example only to the speaker header pins on the motherboard, and if you reinstall the “faulty ram” you should get a one long, two short beeps error code on startup, that will tell you that there is a problem with the memory.

Here’s the motherboard’s user manual. Go to p.1-1 &1-2 Item #9 for the speaker’s header pin location and connection details.

Here’s the motherboard’s supported memory list which shows what memory modules have been approved by the manufacturer and will work with the motherboard. These lists are never complete however but are a good starting point.

Also review p.1-8 in the manual regarding system memory about installing memory modules with the same CAS latency etc. Do the Corsair and the G-Skill have the same specifications?

It may be that the memory has just failed as mentioned above, but it pays to take notice of what the memory requirements are and also if it has been approved by the motherboard manufacturer as being suitable to be used.

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