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Repair guides and support for Trio tablets on the Android operating system.

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Fix my Trio Stealth G5 10.1 Female power charger point and Battery

I am looking at a Trio Stealth G5 10.1 unit

Quad Core A33

Android 5.1

Firmware Version 2.0

Kernal Version 3.4.39 Saturday Jan 7 10.39 10 CST 2017

Build # A33_PAT_V108_Oq_19+2519,20160701 ME

The issue is the Female power connection has broken

Possible Battery issues as the unit got extremely hot in use.

What would be the cost to repair?

What parts are required?

Is it an acceptable home repair?

Where are the parts available, if question 3 a yes?

Failing question 3-4 what is the cost to repair?

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The tablet would have to be opened and the port inspected as to what needs to be done.

I cannot find a teardown video or repair guide for your particular model, but perhaps the ifixit Trio Stealth G4 Motherboard Replacement guide may be of some help. It shows to to open the tablet and remove the systemboard so that the micro USB port can be checked and re soldered if possible or replaced. The procedure for opening your tablet and removing the systemboard wouldn’t be too dissimilar. Just take your time when doing it.

The tools required are shown in the guide and replacement micro USB parts are available online Here’s an example of what the part looks like and the likely cost. There are other suppliers of the part. Just search for Trio G5 10.1 USB port to get results that may suit you better.

You will need to have smd (surface mount device) soldering skills if you have to resolder the port or replace it. There are videos on YouTube that show how to do smd soldering of USB ports onto circuit boards, but be aware that it is not a job for beginners. It takes a bit of practice so that you don’t end up creating more damage than what you had in the first place.

As to the battery heating up this would have to be investigated after the port was repaired.

If all this seems too daunting, contact a reputable, professional electronics or mobile phone repair service and ask for a quote to repair the tablet.

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