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Apple's sixth-generation smartwatch, with optional cellular connectivity, released September 18, 2020. Model A2376, 44 mm.

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Can you provide cell dimensions and weight for 40mm Apple Watch 6?

I love your teardowns and generally the information is quite useful.

I’m specifically looking for more information on batteries dimensions and have a couple requests. These would be pretty easy for you to do and would really helpful to many of us. And would save us having to purchase an entire product just to get more detailed battery info.

1) When you remove the batteries, could you show a close up of both the front and the back of the battery? There’s a lot of good info on the labels/markings showing nominal battery dimensions.

You (accidentally?) show the back of the Watch 6 (44mm) cell during the teardown - in step 3. This shows the actual cell dimensions (462027 - 4.6 x 20 x 27 mm), which is more exact than the nominal battery pack dimensions shown on the front (ICP5/21/28). This is especially important for the thickness, to estimate cell energy density.

2) Would be super helpful if you could measure and list the cell dimensions. I understand these won’t be exact since the batteries may have been bent/deformed depending on how hard they are to remove. This would help determine more exact battery dimensions.

Thanks and keep up the great work!

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Your ear must have been itchy ;-}

Here you go, the just released teardown on the new Apple Watch 6! Desmontaje de Apple Watch Series

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Does it need 1mm Adhesive to reattach screen to case?

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