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Repair guides and support for your Samsung TV.

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replace screen and boarder

replace screen and boarder where buy parts and hoe much

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More information is needed as Samsung TV covers a lot of models.

What is the model number of the TV? By “boarder” do you mean the bezel surrounding the screen.

Disconnect the power from the TV and remove the back cover and then locate the screen model number printed of the back of the screen itself.

Search online using the screen model number to hopefully find a replacement screen.

Don't be surprised if you do find one, that the cost is nearly as much as a new TV.

As for any other parts, search online for Samsung (insert full TV model number) parts. Also search on places such as Ebay or Craig’s List to find “faulty TVs” with the same make and model number as yours that may be used as a “donor TV” for any parts, depending on the price of course. Don’t expect to find a good display panel this way though. Usually they’re all cracked and that’s why the TV is being sold for parts only.

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