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Stand up Freezer cools down shuts off and will not restart

Freezer cools down shuts off but doesnt restart. It will start if I turn the thermostat to a cooler setting. The coils are clean, the start relay has continuity and defrost timer seems to be working. Any suggestions would be appreciated. thank you

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Hi @rpc1 ,

What is the make and model number of the freezer?

A lot of refrigerators and freezers have a bi metal defrost thermostat that releases to disconnect the defrost heater and resets the defrost timer to allow the compressor to be restarted and run until the next defrost cycle.

Others have a thermistor instead of a bi-metal defrost thermostat but essentially it does the same thing. Its’ resistance varies depending on the temperature in the freezer and this is detected by the control board during to defrost cycle so as to know when to stop the defrost cycle and to start the compressor again.

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